We dropped a purse 10 times in Derby city centre to see how honest people were. This is what happened...

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Surveys, polls and quizzes are forever telling us that northern parts of the country are friendlier than those further south.

But what about the Midlands, where does it fit in? How do Derby people compare to their northern counterparts and are they just as friendly?

In a bid to discover the answer, we carried out a social experiment in Derby city centre to see what people would do if we lost a purse in the street – and filmed what happened.

Throughout East Street, St Peter's Street, the Cornmarket and The Spot, we armed ourselves with ten of Primark's finest purses and headed out to see how many we would get back.

In each case, our reporter made a play of unknowingly dropping a purse on the ground and apparently walking away without noticing.

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The good news is that 10 out of 10 purses were returned to us by a range of people, including men, women and children and even a busker on St Peter’s Street, who called out to us to tell us we’d dropped it.

Derby is evidently a city full of honest, caring and helpful people who would hate to see you lose your precious property.