Police at Derby Bus Station where man is on the floor - updates

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Police and an ambulance are at Derby Bus Station amidst reports of a man on the floor and "blood everywhere".

The incident took place just before 2pm today.

There are three police cars and an ambulance parked outside the bus station.

One passer-by said: "Just came through Derby Bus Station, blood everywhere and paramedics tending to a man on the floor.

"I'm guessing he's quite young by his clothes but I didn't see his face. Lots of people are around him. There was a trail of blood through the bus station and out of the back doors."

You can follow our live updates on the incident below.

The passer-by says there are rumours a man has been stabbed

A passer-by says there are rumours that a man has been stabbed.

She said: “I asked someone if they knew what had happened and they said that they heard he had been stabbed. Oobviously this is a second or third hand rumour so it might be completely false.

“I just hope the man is okay. There seemed like a lot of blood but it might have just been because it was spread over a large area.”