Derby building society manager Martin Warrilow who stole £13,000 has three months to pay it back

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A branch manager at a Derby city centre building society, who stole more than £13,000, has been told he has three months to pay the money back or face more time in jail.

Martin Warrilow stole from accounts he deliberately targeted as they had not been used for a number of years.

The 38-year-old also switched off CCTV cameras that would have captured him forging signatures so he could withdraw the cash from the four accounts at the St James’s Street Leek United Building Society.

Branch manager Martin Warrilow stole £13,300 from this building society

Branch manager Martin Warrilow stole £13,300 from this building society

He took £4,400 from two accounts that belonged to two brothers . They only discovered the cash was missing when they were contacted by the police.

Warrilow was jailed earlier this year for 13 months after admitting his crimes.

Now, a proceeds of crime application hearing at Derby Crown Court, has seen a judge order him to pay back all of the money or face another prison term.

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Judge Jonathan Bennett told him: “The benefit you made in this case is £13,300 and the available amount you have to repay the money is £13,300.

“This will be paid back to the building society in the form of compensation and you have three months to pay it.

“That means that you have until January 26, 2018, to pay back the money. If you are in default of payment (if Warrilow does not pay the money back in full by this date) it will mean eight months in prison.”

The case was heard at Derby Crown Court

The case was heard at Derby Crown Court

The original case saw Warillow admit to stealing the money to help pay off an £18,000 debt he had amassed.

Sarah Slater, prosecuting back in August, said the offence was discovered in March last year when one of the account holders went to the branch.

A cashier noticed that £4,000 had been withdrawn the previous month which the customer said was a transaction that had not been carried out by her.

Miss Slater said: “Further investigations revealed that, over two days, £13,300 had been stolen from four accounts. It was discovered that signatures had been forged by the defendant and staff in the branch remarked that, at the time of the withdrawals, he had been acting strangely.”

Miss Slater said the building society sacked Warrilow and the police became involved.

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She said that, in his police interview, Warrilow told detectives he had been suffering from depression due to he and his wife being unable to conceive a child.

Warrilow, of Churnet Road, Forsbrook, Stoke, was charged and pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud.

Jailing him at the time, Judge Bennett said: “You had been the branch manager for 18 months when you carried out these offences and, as such, you were in a position of responsibility.

“You took £13,300 from these customers and this is a very serious abuse of your position.

“There was an element of pre-planning firstly because you identified customers who had not used their accounts very much.

“Then you switched off the CCTV to evade being detected as you forged signatures to transfer the money to yourself.

“This offence is made all the more serious because it caused problems for your employer, who had to repay the customers you targeted.

“I have been told you are a man that has never been in trouble before but this offence is so serious that only immediate custody can be the outcome.”

Robert Smith, mitigating in August, said his client was aware he has “betrayed the customers in the branch” but had done so due to the mounting debts and depression.