Motorists' anger at 'shocking' state of Osmaston Road in Derby

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Motorists are complaining about the “shocking” state of a major road through Derby.

Drivers say Osmaston Road gradually deteriorates as you travel away from the city centre towards Osmaston and Allenton.

Some are calling on Derby City Council to resurface the road, while others claim their vehicles have been damaged by “huge potholes”.

A pothole on Osmaston Road, Derby, measuring in excess of 18 inches

A pothole on Osmaston Road, Derby, measuring in excess of 18 inches

The council said an inspection was carried out earlier this week and “no defects warranting an emergency response were identified”.

However, Osmaston resident Peter Godbury, 32, said: “I drive along Osmaston Road at least twice a day and it’s shocking. I’m sick of bouncing around in my car because of the huge potholes and various dips.

“It gets worse the closer to Osmaston and the further away from Derby you get. It seems the council are only focusing on the city centre and they’ve forgotten us in the suburbs.

“Something needs to be done about it because it's damaging the tyres on my car. I pay my council tax so I expect the roads to be a good quality.”

A pothole on Osmaston Road, Derby, measuring in excess of 18 inches

A pothole on Osmaston Road, Derby, measuring in excess of 18 inches

Ali Hussain, 33, of Osmaston Road, added: “I think it does need resurfacing. I live on the road and the sound of vehicles driving by is enhanced by the uneven surface.

“I drive a motorbike and I often have to swerve around the bad patches which is dangerous and frustrating."

Cyclist Carl Porter, 38, of Allenton, said: “This isn’t an ideal road to cycle down but I have no choice really because I work in the city and live in Allenton.

“I think it could do with patching up in some areas – especially near Osmaston.”

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A Derby City Council spokesman said: “All authorities suffer with potholes and the deterioration of their highway network. If any defect within the highway is considered dangerous it will be repaired (sometimes temporarily) within 24 hours maximum.

“The most dangerous defects may be repaired within one hour. We also work hard by to prevent defects occurring in the first place by carrying out proactive repairs and treatments.

“Osmaston Road is inspected every month. An inspection took place yesterday (October 25), and no defects warranting an emergency response were identified.

“We will continue monitoring the location. If residents have concerns, we encourage them to report any defects via our website.”