Vile fungus grows in mouldy flat let by rogue landlord Martin Ambler

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Images showing giant fungus growing out of the walls of a flat have emerged after the rogue landlord responsible was prosecuted in court .

Martin Ambler was handed a £2,500 fine and a Criminal Behaviour Order for the poor state of his apartments.

And Mike Collins, who used to live in one of Ambler's flats , has shared pictures which show fungus growing on his walls with black mould spots around it.

Mr Collins said he had to throw out some of his clothes and other belongings, including a £140 Italian jacket because they had all gone mouldy.

He blamed landlord Ambler, of Vincent Lane, Chesterfield, and said he was pleased he had been in court.

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North East Derbyshire District Council's environmental health team received 11 complaints about waste accumulating at a property in North Wingfield owned by Ambler.

In addition, the authority received a large number of complaints about properties owned by Ambler in relation to damp and mould , lack of heating, blood-stained walls and faulty electrics.

Despite repeated requests to remove the waste, Ambler failed to comply and was served with a community protection notice in February requiring it to be cleared within 14 days.

Although he contacted the district council and had a skip at the property, there was still a large amount of waste which he failed to clear.

The authority subsequently started court proceedings for his failure to comply with the community protection notice.

A district council spokesman said: "Despite the defendant pleading guilty, the magistrates' court imposed the maximum fine and the chair of the bench stated that the 'appalling nature of the offence justified this unusual step'.

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"The problems became so bad at properties owned by Ambler that a neighbour considered selling their property and was too afraid to let their children play outdoors due to the presence of rats.

"A tenant of a different property was hospitalised as a result of the condition in which the property was let."

As well as the £2,500 fine, magistrates issued Ambler with a four-year Criminal Behaviour Order, stating it was 'both necessary and proportionate to prevent further such consequences'.

The order means he must not:

► Store or dispose of any controlled waste on any land under his control;

► Burn any waste or instruct someone else to burn any waste;

► Rent out any properties containing category one hazards under the Housing Act 2004.

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And he was ordered to:

► Monitor and maintain all land under his control monthly so that it is kept free from waste;

► Monitor and maintain each property under his control annually to check for hazards under the Housing Act 2004;

► Join and/or remain in an accredited landlord scheme.

If Ambler breaches the order, he could end up in jail.

This article first appeared in the Derbyshire Times .