Derby locals have been asking for two months for this car to be moved - and THIS is how the council reacted

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A decision by Derby City Council to fence-off a dumped car in a city park has been branded a "complete joke".

Locals say they first reported the abandoned car at King George V Playing Fields in Littleover more than two months ago.

Vandals then smashed the windscreen, windows, let down the tyres, smashed its lights and stamped on its roof - despite locals warning the council this would happen and asking it to move the vehicle.

The gates have been described as a "joke"

The gates have been described as a "joke"

As well as the anti-social behaviour the abandoned vehicle has caused there have also been reports of drug taking and cannabis packets have been spotted near the vehicle.

But instead of removing the car, Derby City Council erected metal gates around the vehicle and secured locks on them, as well as putting up red tape.

Then, within HOURS of the Derby Telegraph raising locals' concerns, council workmen turned up to move the car.

The car has now been removed from the park - hours after the Derby Telegraph contacted the council

The car has now been removed from the park - hours after the Derby Telegraph contacted the council

At 12.16pm today the newspaper contacted Derby City Council with their anger at the car being there. By 4pm, the car was gone.

Local anti crime campaigner Dawn Gee said: "As soon as we saw the vehicle we reported it to the city council because we were concerned with what would happen.

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"We were concerned that abandoned vehicles would attract crime and be burnt. As a group we have worked very hard to keep the area free from crime and anti-social behaviour for 18 years and have worked very closely with the police over the time to do that.

The car has been trashed at the park

The car has been trashed at the park

"We have a great relationship with them and were very pleased when they did their bit and put a sign on it. We then hoped the council would take action and move it. Over time it got more and more damaged.

"All the windows were smashed, leaving glass everywhere, they have jumped on the roof, the lights have been smashed, it's trashed inside and now drug packets have been left here.

"It's a disgrace and the local community has been badly let down. We work very hard to keep this area safe and all they can do is put barriers around it rather than get it moved."

Mrs Gee thanked the Derby Telegraph for highlighting the cause. She said: "I'm very pleased and really chuffed that after going to the Derby Telegraph the car has gone.

"It was there being trashed for more than two months and attracting anti-social behaviour and we complained and complained to the city council. We went to the Derby Telegraph and it's gone within hours.

"It's wrong that no action was taken by the council until we went to the newspaper. I saw council vehicles go the park and I knew what was happening. They took the car away and I knew it would be because they had been contacted by the Derby Telegraph. It looks a lot better now.

"If you let something drag an area down then it will. We will not accept that. By going to the Derby Telegraph the council has been forced to act. I only wish they had moved it more than two months ago when we first asked."

Mrs Gee's Carlisle Against Crime group closes the gates at the park every night, patrols the area, talks to residents about their concerns and keep in close contact with the police about any concerns.

Locals say the car has been abandoned for more than two months - despite them telling the council it is there

Locals say the car has been abandoned for more than two months - despite them telling the council it is there

Talking today, before the council moved the vehicle, Mrs Gee's husband, Gary, said: "It's an absolute joke. This is a council park and they should move it. There's a child's play area here and the school is only next door. The council has a responsibility to keep the public safe and the area free from crime and this is on their park. Putting barriers around it will not make the situation any better. It looks ridiclious."

Nobody at Derby City Council was available for comment.

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