Intu Derby branded 'one of the worst' shopping centres in region

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Social media users have branded Intu Derby one of the “worst shopping centres” in the region.

Scores of people took to the Derby Telegraph’s Facebook page to vent their frustration at a “lack of variety” in shops.

The criticism comes as Soletrader and Lacoste move out of the centre, with the former saying Intu Derby no longer matches the chain's “premium” brand.

National chain Footlocker will replace the empty units in the spring and a spokeswoman for Intu Derby said it “continues to be in strong demand for a wide variety of retailers”.

She added: “Intu Derby is the premier place to shop in the East Midlands."

However, Dan Bac disagreed, adding: “Derby Intu is singlehandedly the worst shopping centre I have been to.

“You can go in and walk around and find nothing you want and be leaving in 30 mins. Intu Derby was a waste of money and looks hideous on the landscape.”

Soletrader has closed in Derby's Intu centre

Soletrader has closed in Derby's Intu centre

Steve Coates: said: “Those bulldozers currently at Moorways need to come to Intu next.”

Ben Waring said: “There is a lack of an anchor brand retail store, such as John Lewis. There’s too many coffee shops and fast food restaurants and a lack of stores from key high-street retailers. It isn’t the best destination in the Midlands by some way.”

Sally Nyland criticised the parking, variety of shops, the number of pound shops and the volume of eateries.

She wrote: “I wanted a decent pair of leather boots and, apart from Office, there was nowhere to go. It’s lovely to have a choice of places to eat but it seems that they outnumber clothing retailers.

“Don’t get me started on the pound shops - two would be enough. It makes me shop online.”

Lacoste has closed in Derby's Intu Centre

Lacoste has closed in Derby's Intu Centre

After the closure of Soletrader and Lacoste, the spokeswoman for the shopping centre said: “Intu Derby continues to be in strong demand from a wide variety of retailers as we attract high numbers of shoppers throughout the year.

“As with many centres, the normal lease expiry cycle gives us an opportunity to bring in new brands to the centre and gives existing retailers the opportunity to make sure their stores are fit for their needs.

“There’s a lot going on at Intu Derby. In addition to Footlocker, we have recently had new openings from retailers and operators including Timberland, Five Guys and The Real Buzz.

“Our plans mean that we have a number of other exciting new brands currently in negotiations to take their first stores and others are looking at their existing stores to make sure they are making the best of their presence in the centre.

"We are ensuring that we keep bringing the very best retailers into the area.”

A spokesman of Soletrader said its Intu Derby store closed because the “shopping experience in Derby no longer matches the Soletrader profile”.

She added: “Soletrader is a premium brand selling designer footwear that looks to trade in locations alongside similar brands.

“Soletrader continues to open new stores, with the latest having opened in Bristol in the week before Christmas.”

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