Freshwalks – the Manchester-headquartered business networking group which combines hiking with professional development – is set to expand into the East Midlands with its inaugural walk in the region.


The walking event, which will take place on Wednesday 9 September, is set to attract business owners and professionals from Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough to take part in a 10km walk at Elvaston Castle The walks adhere to government guidance around social distancing and attendee numbers, providing the ideal networking opportunity for business leaders in the current environment.


More than 3000 people have attended walks organised across the north of England and Wales since the business launched in 2014. Businesses can attend ad-hoc or take membership and partner packages for those looking to embed this within a wider wellbeing strategy for employees.


Speaking of the launch, founder of Freshwalks, Michael Di Paola said: “In recent years, we’ve expanded across the north of England connecting professionals from Leeds and Sheffield to Manchester and Liverpool – and those in between. Freshwalks works brilliantly for professionals across all sectors whether attendees are looking to make connections, improve wellbeing or focus on professional development.


“Freshwalks was already increasing in popularity but because of the events of recent months, people have recognised the hugely positive impact daily activity and a sense of community can have on your working life and mental wellbeing. At a time where people are also unable to attend events and network in the same way they’ve been used to, our walks have really struck a chord with requests from other business communities for new locations and fresh partnerships. One thing our walkers all share is an ambition for business success and a passion or curiosity for the ‘great outdoors’. The thriving SME and adviser community in the East Midlands combined with stunning scenery made it the obvious location for our next location.”


Earlier this month, Freshwalks held a Build Back Better event which invited those who have experienced redundancy, struggled running their business or faced any kind of adversity because of Covid 19, to attend for free. Attendees benefitted from expanding their networks and the opportunity to access mentors and expertise from the Freshwalks community.


To join the East Midlands walk:

When: Wednesday 9 September 2020 – 11am – 2pm

Book tickets here