New Nottingham salon Lady Garden is already turning heads

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Awarding-winning beauty therapist Suzy Etakibuebu has opened her new beauty salon in Mansfield Road and the name that she has picked is stopping traffic.

“The salon is a double-fronted building at the traffic lights just down from Aura Designer Furniture and I sometimes watch people as they clock the name,” said the 32-year-old.

“Car drivers who stop at the lights will double-take, and I can hear the laughs of those walking by. I’m not afraid to create a stir.”

What’s the name that is causing the commotion?

Suzy has named the hair and beauty salon Lady Garden.

The reason behind the name may not be what you are thinking.

Having previously had a salon in Clifton (Beauty Rose Studios) which had a garden theme based on Suzy’s middle name Rose, she said: “I wanted to keep the theme. At the Clifton salon, I had benches and an arbour, a blossom tree…. With our move and upgrade, I wanted a new name and I wanted to get noticed.

“I thought about ‘secret garden’ but there’s a bar in town called that, then a friend said ‘what about lady garden?’ She was joking but I said yes. Clients know my sense of humour and I wanted my own salon to reflect my personality.

“There’s nothing else like it locally. I wanted this to be a trendy salon, Nottingham needs more of those, and the feedback [on the salon and name] has been great."

(Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

Suzy, who was named Beauty Therapist of the Year at the Midlands Beauty Industry Awards in October 2019, has not only increased the size of the salon but also the number of staff and the services offered.

Swelling from two additional self-employed staff at the old salon to 10 at the new, they now offer everything from lash extensions to nails, waxing, make-up and lessons to skin peels, hair extensions, lip fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments.

In addition to all of this is the Brazilian Booty Lift (BBL). A non-surgical body contouring treatment that quite literally manipulates and moves the fat around your body giving you ‘booty’, arms, stomach, even knees a lift.

Suzy says: “We are the only salon in Nottingham offering the official BBL and it’s what has got me through lockdown.

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“It was the only treatment the rules allowed us to offer at one point and we were literally back to back with appointments.”

Suzy says she had 70 bookings for the treatment last month which at prices ranging from £40 to £110 per session depending on the part of the body being sculptured, was a welcome income.

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