Neighbour heard 'howling scream from child' on night man was repeatedly stabbed in the back

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A resident heard a "howling scream from a child" the night a man was repeatedly stabbed in the back, a jury has heard

Describing how she heard the "scuffling of things", then the scream, Tiffany Swinn spoke of what she heard and saw from her home address in Chesil Avenue, Radford, the night of the stabbing.

She gave her evidence from behind a curtain to a jury at Nottingham Crown Court.

Defendant Connor Morris, 20, of Amesbury Circus, Aspley, is on trial accused of wounding James Robinson with intent and robbing a boy of a bicycle on the same date, February 24. He pleads not guilty.

Mr Robinson was knifed a minimum of six times with one wound resulting in a kidney being removed after the attack.

It happened after Mr Robinson had cycled to the area with a young boy. Mr Robinson went to visit a person and left the boy with the bikes - one valued in the region of £1,000.

Ms Swinn was watching television when she said she heard "a horrible scream" and "a fearful scream".

She told jurors she went to her door and saw a little boy. She said she tried to figure out if she knew him - as it was a close community and she knew most of the children in the area.

"At 9.30pm at night, for a child to be out, is not normal," she told the jury. She said she could see a bike wheel and the top of his head and could make out he had a bike with him and she asked: "Are you okay?"

"When I looked towards where the kid was screaming from, there was a big bundle of shadows. There were definitely people and noises".

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Ms Swinn said a neighbour, hanging out of a bedroom window, identified the child to her and she shouted his name and to "come here to me" but he would not move.

"A figure went up towards him and he (the boy) said 'they took my bike'".

The court heard that the boy came towards her and was followed by someone else running who shouted "ring an ambulance. I've been stabbed".

Mr Robinson was taken to hospital.

Jonathan Straw, prosecuting, had said Mr Robinson was the subject of a "sudden, savage, mercifully short-lived attack at the hands of, we say, three men".

One of his stab wounds was so deep it caused a Grade 4 tear of his right kidney and he had to have a nephrectomy - the removal of a kidney.

The jury has been told one man - who is not in the dock - has already pleaded guilty to wounding with intent.

He inflicted stab wounds to Mr Robinson - one which penetrated his kidney - before it is alleged a second man, Morris, joined in the attack.

Mr Straw had told the jury: "You are going to have to decide what he (Morris) does.

"Whether it is this defendant and what it is he has got with him. Is it a piece of wood? Is it a second knife? Because again he (Mr Robinson) is stabbed. He goes to the floor and all three men now are joining in the attack. He is stabbed further; he is kicked and stamped to the head."

The trial continues

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