Nottingham Leaflet Provider Expands to Derby

A popular Nottingham leafleting distributor is expanding their business into Derby after a period of successful growth.


Sherwood-based Veriflyers is a leaflet distribution service offering flyer delivery campaigns on a range of budgets. The company’s growth means that they will now offer services in Derby and Derbyshire for their GPS-tracked leafleting and targeted letterbox services.


The move means that current Nottingham clients and wider East Midlands businesses will be able to grow their audience by reaching residents in Derby’s eight country districts, whilst many Derby businesses will now be able to easily access Veriflyers’s leading services.


Andrew Brackenbury, Director, said: “For many businesses, leaflet campaigns are a low-cost way to reach a niche audience that can’t necessarily be targeted online.”


Increasing our geographical service areas will help smaller businesses in the region grow their audience – giving them a wider reach and helping them get in front of customers that they may not have been able to before."


As the economy reopens through Covid-19, now is the time for businesses in the East Midlands to be looking at expanding their client-base into nearby cities and increasing their brand awareness in the region.


Expanding their service offering into Derby also means that several new roles will be created at Veriflyers, with jobs available for delivery team members in the region.


Andrew said: “We’re excited about the move into Derby and the opportunities that this brings. We’ve had a period of really successful growth within the team and we’re all looking forward to the future!”