Pubs' role in Covid-19 'widely misunderstood' says Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin

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The boss of Wetherspoons has claimed that pubs' role in the spread of Covid-19 has been “widely misunderstood.”

In an update to the Stock Exchange, Tim Martin set out what he said was "the true situation" and hit out at reported statements from Aberdeen university professor Hugh Pennington.

He said that Wetherspoon had 32 million customer visits to 861 open pubs in the 10 weeks since July 4.

There had been 66 positive tests for Covid-19 among its 41,564 employees, 811 pubs have reported zero positive tests, 40 pubs have reported one, six pubs two, two pubs three and two pubs four.

Most of the reported cases have been mild or asymptomatic and 28 of

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