Benefits cheat stole £30,000 pretending to be carer for a dead person

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A benefits cheat who pocketed more than £30,000, by posing as a carer for a dead man has been punished.

Iveta Stojkova, 49, made fraudulent claims for money she was not entitled to from the outset - faking being a carer for a man who had died years earlier, in another country.

Stojkova, formerly of Fairfax Close, off Fairfax Road, Northfields, Leicester, admitted four counts of benefit fraud relating to job seekers and carers allowances, between January 2009 and January 2015.

Joey Kwong, prosecuting, told Leicester Crown Court he was unable to explain the cause for the delay in the case as the investigating officer had since retired and recent requests for an update from

 link source - Leicester Mercury

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