Digital-first Contractor Winvic set to Develop AI Enabled Software to Send Personal Site Risk Alerts to Team

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Winvic, the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) and One Big Circle Consortium secure Innovate UK Funding for Computer-Vision-SMART

 Winvic Construction Ltd, a leading main contractor that specialises in the design and delivery of multi-sector construction and civil engineering projects, is working on a second Innovate UK funded project, which aims to keep site staff even safer; the three organisations involved will together leverage the latest real-time image and machine learning technologies to detect, recognise and track hazards on a construction site, which will then alert nearby operatives via IoT enabled, GPS devices.

Dubbed as Computer-Vision-SMART, the ‘Computer Vision and IoT for Personalised Site Monitoring Analytics in Real Time’ project will run

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