The latest seven-day coronavirus infection rate for where you live

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Seven-day coronavirus infection rates are higher than the national rate in four of Leicestershire’s seven boroughs and districts.

The county’s overall rate stands at 39.4 cases per 100,000 people, higher than the national rate which is currently 32.8.

Figures relating to the week before September 9, show that some 275 cases were confirmed across the county in just seven days.

Latest Covid data

Latest Leicestershire coronavirus figures for September 3 - September 9.

Blaby - 63 cases - 62.7 per 100k Charnwood - 61 cases - 33.4 per 100k Harborough - 29 cases - 31.4 per 100k Hinckley and Bosworth - 29 cases - 25.8 per 100k Melton - 13 cases - 25.4

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