Young mum finds bin bag full of used syringes, condoms and heroin spoon in attic of Leicester housing association home

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A housing association has been forced to issue a public apology to a young mother after she found a bin bag containing used syringes, condoms and a heroin spoon in the attic of her Leicester home.

Single mum-of-two Megan Wall had been preparing to pack for a weekend trip away to Skegness with her daughters - aged four and six months - when she made the horrific discovery.

The 23-year-old tenant, who moved into the property in the Calver Hey Road area of Beaumont Leys two years ago, said she was "shocked and disgusted".

"It was absolutely horrific," she said. "It was disgusting and I feared for the safety of me and my young daughters."

 link source - Leicester Mercury

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