Gourmet kebab chain opens its doors in Nottingham

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A chain which promises to revolutionise the humble kebab has opened in Nottingham with a gourmet "taste sensation".

The German Doner Kebab, in a revamped Spar shop in Upper Parliament Street, says its game-changing kebabs are made using premium, lean, succulent meats and fresh local vegetables, in handmade toasted breads with unique signature sauces.

As well as the original German doner, the menu features a doner quesadilla, durum wrap, lahmacun wrap (a kind of thin crispy pizza) and burgers - the original and a Doritos Doner Krunch Burger.

For those trying to be healthy, the Kcal kebab comes in at under 600 calories.

The new Boss Box - conceived by the company during lockdown for

 link source - Nottingham Post

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