Laughing Dog: Leading Lincolnshire pet food supplier adapts business model to survive COVID, lead by third generation sibling duo, Tom & Rachel Grant

Tom & Rachel Grant at Fold Hill Farms
Fold Hill
 is the one of the UK's leading pet food business turning over £41m per annum and supplies leading retailers including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Pet’s at Home and Wilko’s. Dating back over 100 years, Fold Hill Foods was founded by Ted Grant, OBE, and remains an independent family run business with grandchildren Tom and Rachel leading the next generation in the family business. Based in Boston, Lincolnshire, the farm produces a number of own brand ranges, including premium brand, Laughing Dog.

During the pandemic buyers became even more aware of the importance of choosing to shop locally and support smaller businesses that align with their ethics and thanks to the home-grown family business model Fold Hill Foods (home of Laughing Dog) are the conscious choice that is sustainable for the future.

The pet food market has picked up speed in recent years with category growth increasing annually by 2.2% as pet owners are spending more on quality food for their beloved pets. Teamed with a category growth of ‘human trend’ foods, the industry is seen a surge in sleep, vegan and even keto offerings, which Laughing Dog has been part of. Focussed on producing the very best quality pet food the majority of ingredients are produced on the farm, while a quarter of energy used to run the farm is generated on site by the farms own solar panels, keeping sustainability at the heart of the business.

Laughing Dog leads the category with human lead treats themes such as cheesy bites and night time treats, with the introduction of vegan treats recently launched in September.

Fold Hill has 5 acres of solar panels supplying a quarter of farm bakery energy, with 10,000 tons of wheat of food grown on the farm and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Laughing Dog are committed to producing sustainable pet food and looking after the land for future generations of the Grant family.