Mystery over future of Nottingham city centre Burger King which is closed

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A Nottingham city centre branch of Burger King, slated for years on TripAdvisor, has closed.

Whether it's a permanent closure or a temporary shutdown for a refurbishment has yet to be confirmed by the fast food chain.

The restaurant, in Upper Parliament Street, looks a sorry sight with half the sign missing and debris on the floor inside.

The number of negative reviews, going back years on TripAdvisor, far outweigh the good ones, resulting in a 1.5 rating.

Two weeks ago a disgruntled visitor said: "This store is in Nottingham’s primary location. Half of its sign had fallen off. Despite numerous emails, they still haven’t repaired it."

<img data-src="" alt="Burger King in Upper Parliament

 link source - Nottingham Post

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