Under the influence – the rise of the instant brand booster: Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR

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Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR and Enterprise Nation Champion for Nottingham, talks about partnering with influencers and how to do it right.

Look into my eyes. You are feeling reassured that your brand is about to go stratospheric. You know that by partnering with me and my 2000 Instagram followers after my whistle stop tour of  ‘Love Island – The Rivals’, ‘Strictly Essex’ and ‘The Only Way Is Big Brother’ your business is in good hands. Let’s forget about the impending court case, all publicity is good publicity, right? WRONG!

As you may have spotted by my ever so SUBTLE tone, I am not a huge fan of reality TV and ‘celeb’ culture.

 link source - East Midlands Business Link General

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