LadBaby lands a starring role in Walkers' Christmas crisps advert

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Sausage-roll-loving social media star LadBaby is believed to have landed the starring role in this year’s Walkers Christmas crisps advert after photos emerged of him and his wife, Rox, on set.

The YouTube personality and Nottingham-born influencer, real name Mark Hoyle, appears to have got his Christmas wish after publicly challenging Walkers to give him this year’s gig, claiming he could show Mariah Carey a thing or two about how to eat a crisp following her famous 2019 ad appearance.

LadBaby was spotted on set in Harrow, North London, with his wife, Rox, clad in sausage roll-emblazoned Santa suits.

LadBaby and his wife Rox in their sausage-roll suits on set

 link source - Nottingham Post

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