Man sentenced for killing best friend's dad

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A 24-year-old man who killed the father of his best friend during a skirmish in a city street has been sentenced.

The victim, Jentilal Deugi, died after an altercation with his son's then friend Yashvant Pranlal on Sunday, May 31.

Pranlal pushed 50-year-old Mr Deugi to the ground, causing him to suffer a heart attack which cut off his supply of oxygen, resulting in a fatal brain injury.

Mr Deugi was tended to at the scene, in Redcar Road, Belgrave, Leicester, by a passing midwife and her husband, who is a retired nurse, and another member of the public.

Paramedics then took him to Leicester Royal Infirmary, where he died on Tuesday, June 2.


 link source - Leicester Mercury

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