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Top Midlands coach wins award for keeping businesses thriving during pandemic

A Leicestershire business growth expert has won an award for keeping the region’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) thriving during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mark Jennings achieved best client ratings for all ActionCOACHes across the Central Midlands in what has been one of the most challenging years for businesses.

Recognising 100% satisfaction from all clients in a recent survey, he was presented with the award virtually at the global coaching franchise’s annual conference.

Elaine Glenn, owner of Hinckley-based Direct Signs UK, said: “My turnover has almost doubled in five years, with profit increasing from 15 percent to over 30 percent. This was achieved with Mark’s support and guidance. This has been proven again with the pandemic as we have not only survived, but thrived, and are still on track to hit the budget forecast set at the start of 2020.”

Sam Neale, owner of Nuneaton-based TruckSmart, added: “I genuinely think we wouldn't have survived Covid-19 without the changes we have made and the support from Mark. I now have the confidence to spend on marketing and see a great return. We have more leads than ever and the future is looking really positive.”

With clients ranging from sportswear manufacturers, logistics enterprises, signage firms and security specialists through to wealth management advisers, Mark said 2020 had not been an easy ride by any stretch, but his clients had stayed focused and determined.

“My clients have been learning and applying the knowledge that has not just enabled them to survive, but to thrive now and beyond this pandemic,” he said. “A number of them in the hospitality sector have certainly taken the brunt of the impact.”

“Every business has without doubt been affected by the pandemic and it’s been about keeping my clients focused and looking for opportunities that history shows us often arise out of difficult times. With adversity comes opportunity.”

Mark, who in 2018 was made a Global MasterCoach by an international panel for ActionCOACH and is regularly one of the top performers of its most successful coaches in the UK, is now putting clients’ health and wellbeing at the top of the agenda.

A report published by Deloitte early this year revealed that poor mental health in the workplace cost UK bosses more than £43bn in 2018, a rise of 16% in two years. With Covid-19, this figure could rise starkly.

“It’s vital for business owners to strive for their business goals,” said Mark, who traded the toolbox as a former electrical engineer for helping regional firms realise their full potential in 2011, making his own first million within five years.

“However, they must take steps to ensure they are looking after themselves at the same time. There is a direct correlation between a healthy body and mind and healthy business and burn-out helps no-one. It’s like having a great Formula One car, but not concentrating on the fuel you put into it.”

Elaine from Direct Signs UK said good health and wellbeing was imperative for a successful business and personal life, something Mark had helped her with.

“I went from working ridiculous hours and falling asleep on my laptop at midnight to working on the business, being in the office two days a week and having all school holidays off,” she said. “My overriding aim is now to see my kids grow up and be an active part of their lives, not just wake up one day waving them off to uni.”

Burbage-based Mark added: “There is now a far better understanding of health and wellbeing, especially with what’s happening with Covid-19, and while it’s always something I have touched on, I’m now looking at running regular online workshops with energy management very much at the forefront in the near future.”

If you have an SME in the Midlands and would like to know more about how Mark can help, visit or call 07799 880129.