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NLT becomes one of the first in East Midlands to offer new ‘drive-thru’ CCNSG Test Only Renewal

NLT Training Services which has centres in Chesterfield and Scunthorpe has become one of the first training providers in the East Midlands to deliver the new CCNSG National Safety Passport ‘Test only Renewal’.

This is the first time that the industry-required qualification has been delivered in an online test-only format, replacing what traditionally has always been a full day’s course.

The new online multiple-choice course, which is for existing passport holders, enables attendees to limit their time in a training room minimising their Covid exposure and also, more importantly, return to work the same day. It also costs less that the day-long course.

The CCNSG (Client Contractor National Safety Group) Safety Passport is the engineering construction industry safety card. Workers must have a valid CCNSG Safety Passport to enter many engineering and construction sites. As a result, around 30,000 people complete the course each year.

The Engineering Construction Industry the ECITB and CCNSG developed the Test-Only option for renewal of existing CCNSG Safety Passports.

Sarah Temperton, Chief Executive of NLT Training Services, said: “The new test-only option is a real step forward for the industry and it has been warmly welcomed by contractors who appreciate the fact that they no longer have to sacrifice an entire day’s work to renew their CCNSG Safety Passport.”

A CCNSG Safety Passport must be renewed every three years. Delegates are allowed to undertake the Test Only Renewal twice in six years after which they are required to undertake the full-day classroom-based course.

If candidates cannot pass the test only renewal option, they will be required to successfully complete the full two-day CCNSG course rather than the one-day renewal one to renew their CCNSG passport.

To book on to the new CCNSG National Safety Passport ‘Test only Renewal’ at the NLT Training Services centres in Scunthorpe or Chesterfield please call 0333 880 3540, or book online