A charity which has shared one thousand tonnes of unused food with needy people has been gifted £1,000 by regional housebuilder to help keep its vehicles on the road and keep up its good work.

Peterborough’s Food for Nought, which saves food from landfill and distributes it to people in need within the community, received the donation from Persimmon Homes East Midlands thanks to its Community Champions fund.

The charity’s founder Cocoa Fowler explained: “Food for Nought take excess/waste food from farms, shops, supermarkets and re-distributes it to those in need via food banks, community fridges, community cafes, homeless shelters etc.

“Over the past year we have stopped more 1,000 tonnes from going to landfill or being ploughed back into the fields.

“We are raising money to keep the fleet of vehicles used for this redistribution on the road as without those vehicles the food would be going to waste and not getting to those people who are in desperate need. This generous donation will go along way to supporting us.”

Nick Phillips, director in charge at Persimmon Homes East Midlands, added: “Food for Nought has undertaken a mammoth task and it is staggering that in 2020 alone more than 1,000 tonnes of food, which otherwise would have been wasted, has been distributed to people in real in need. We are delighted that our donations through the Community Champions scheme can be put to such good use.”

Each month the Peterborough-based builder donates up to £2,000 to community groups across the region. This also happens across Persimmon’s other 31 operating areas, meaning up to £64,000 is dished out every single month – a total of £768,000 a year.

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