New plans to transform Rutland golf course

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Plans to transform a Rutland golf course have been submitted to the County Council.

The proposals for Woolfox Golf and Country Club include the construction of 60 leisure lodges, the renovation and conversion of barns to form a leisure suite and staff accommodation, the renovation and alteration of the existing clubhouse, and the erection of a new maintenance facility.

The leisure suite would include a gym, swimming pool, and ancillary spaces.

Alterations would also be made to the grounds, and new lakes would be constructed.

A design statement submitted to the council reads: “The former Rutland County Golf Course was defined by its 18-hole golf course, with the clubhouse subsidiary to that, and the other buildings on site serving the golf course and clubhouse without adding any external benefit.

“The new proposals […] turn the attention away from the golf course, which although it remains an important feature of the whole development, will nevertheless sit alongside several other key features of the Woolfox Golf and Country Club, namely:

Leisure lodges. Upgraded clubhouse. Leisure facilities. Enhanced landscaping including footpaths, lakes and wooded areas.

“The proposals give equal weighting to all of the

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