Council to sell land at Hogshaw for new homes

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The proposed sale of land at Hogshaw in Buxton for new homes, play facilities and open space has been announced by High Peak Borough Council.

The local housing requirement for High Peak, and the designation of the site at Hogshaw for new homes, is set out in the Borough’s Local Plan which was adopted by the Council in April 2016 following extensive public consultation.

The Council has secured significant grant funding towards the Fairfield roundabout, which received planning permission last summer, to unlock the site for housing.

Hogshaw is in a combination of private and Council ownership and it needs to brought under a single ownership in order to deliver new homes and community amenities for existing and new residents.

The Council is now asking people to comment on its intention to sell the land it owns – which includes the open space known as Hogshaw Rec but does not include the allotments at Nunsfield Road which will remain in Council ownership.

Council Leader, Councillor Anthony Mckeown, said: “In 2018 the previous administration of the Council was successful in gaining funding from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund. This funding intends to

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