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Morph Furniture's Made to Measure Approach Safeguards Jobs Amid Pandemic

A Leicestershire businessman who launched a new company during the pandemic to avoid furloughing staff and safeguard circa. 20 jobs reports success just six months on.

Apex Displays Ltd, a bespoke joinery manufacturer based in Blaby, Leicester saw 40% of its business put on hold when the pandemic hit in early 2020. Jarome Warrilow, owner and director, explains: “Our business specialises in display furniture for the luxury retail market, places like high-end department stores and airport terminals, we literally work globally. When the Covid outbreak took over and this work was shelved, we needed a quick solution to safeguard jobs and continue to use the factory and software we’d heavily invested in.

“The answer soon came after speaking to so many of our clients who were working from home with poor set-ups – coffee tables, kitchen tables, even ironing boards! We realised a homeworking desk, that could be made to measure to suit any space, could easily be modelled and manufactured with our existing facilities,” adds Jarome.

Morph Furniture, so named because its products can be morphed to suit any space, was launched in the summer of 2020 with the homeworking desk its inaugural product. These beautiful bespoke wooden desks, made from durable birch plywood, can be modelled, designed and built in as little as three weeks. Delivered direct, they are easy to assemble, being completely screwless.

Jarome continues: “Using 3D parametric modelling software, our customers can completely customise the size of their desk, down to the millimetre, including width, depth and height. This means that all those quirky, hidden spaces – corners near chimney breasts, tops of landings, under the stairs, can all become a bespoke home workstation.

“From there, the personalisation continues with colour choice, selection of wood finishes and functional accessories such as monitor stand, cupboard, drawers and notice board. The Morph desk is sustainable too, we use fully recyclable materials and the design features intelligent detailing to be able to incorporate accessories at a later date.”

Unsurprisingly with home working now firmly established, this unique product has proven popular, and Morph has maintained a healthy turnover since launch.

Jarome concludes: “Obviously we’re thrilled with the success of Morph, not only has it meant we’ve kept our 20 strong team employed and our factory operational, but we’ve developed a thriving sister company that continues growing. The Morph family now includes a matching chest and box, both ideal storage solutions, and later this year we’re launching the Morph bookcase, sideboard and table. We’re also hoping to introduce 360⁰ views to our online modelling system, so there’s plenty to look forward to!”