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Health, Wellness and Fitness company, Celebrate Health & Fitness, is offering professional Covid-19 workplace testing services to businesses across Northampton and the county, as company owners look to safeguard their workforce and customers, and minimise disruption to operations.

Carried out by trained and qualified Professional Healthcare Technicians, Celebrate Health & Fitness provides bespoke on-site, one-off screenings or regular testing programmes tailored to requirements.  In addition to the RT-PCR Lab Tests currently used by the Government testing centres, Celebrate Health & Fitness also offers two alternative ‘rapid tests’: the Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test (aka the Covid-19 Antigen Test) and the Covid-19 Antibody Test.  These two tests can identify those who are infected but showing no symptoms (asymptomatic) and those in the early stage of infection but not yet symptomatic, with results in just 15-30 minutes.

In response to the extension of the Government’s rapid Covid-19 workplace testing scheme to companies with over 50 employees, Celebrate Health & Fitness is providing trained professionals to those business to help administer and complete the testing process, but it also supporting those companies with under 50 employees who do not qualify for the Government scheme by providing trained professionals to carry out full on-site workplace testing services, that come complete with PPE equipment and test-kits.

Celebrate Health & Fitness founder and Managing Director, Peter Moorhead, explains more: “For those companies whose workforce cannot work from home, Covid-19 has caused disruption and concern.  Just one case of the infection among the workforce can be devastating for a business, and in particular those with smaller workforces.  The unusually long incubation period of Covid-19, combined with the fact that many people have very mild symptoms (or often none at all), means that an effective testing programme is the only way to identify infectious individuals.  While we wait for the nation to be fully vaccinated, our quick, convenient, and cost-effective workforce testing services will help local businesses to safeguard their workforces and their customers, minimise disruption and absenteeism, and provide crucial information to plan for and manage any outbreaks.”

Celebrate Health & Fitness offers the full range of Workplace Wellbeing Services including Health Screenings, Physical Fitness, Mental Health and Supportive Therapies, alongside its Covid-19 testing services, for businesses across Northampton and Northamptonshire.  For more information visit