Foil Smart expands with production space in Mansfield

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Local business, Foil Smart is expanding with production space in Mansfield.

Acting on behalf of private pension fund clients, FHP Property Consultants has let just under 7,000ft² to the trade laminators.

Tim Gilbertson, FHP, said: “It’s been a pleasure dealing with Foil Smart throughout and I wish them well in their new premises.

“We had extensive interest in this building which should come as no surprise given the excellent presentation our clients ensured, the ongoing good demand in the market and very limited supply of space.

“A five year lease has been secured without break and we are sure this building and letting will serve both landlord and tenant well for many years to come.”

A representative from Foil Smart said: “We are delighted to have worked with Tim and the landlord to secure this fantastic space in Mansfield to continue our expansion plans.

“The extra space will allow us to increase our current production capacity significantly, create more jobs and expand the services we currently offer.

“After the last year which has been unprecedented for most of us and tough on everyone it is welcoming to have a positive milestone to focus on.”

 link source - East Midlands Business Link - Property

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