1 in 4 employees will resign if flexible working standards are revoked

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One in four workers in the UK would resign from their job if flexible working policies are revoked, new research has revealed.

Personio, the SME HR software specialist, has released the findings of a new survey conducted to investigate the impact of the global pandemic on the UK workforce and to find out if companies are prepared for a long-term digital shift.

It found that more than 37% feel that their company is avoiding implementing new hybrid working paradigms like flexible working schedules, and are persisting with compulsory attendance.

However, only 12% of surveyed employees are dissatisfied with the way their employers have looked after them in these uncertain times, and a staggering 41% believe their employer is likely to permanently retain the flexible working hours introduced as a response to the pandemic.

The survey was conducted online by survey institute Appino on behalf of Personio and includes responses from 1,000 full-time employees in the UK.

It further reveals that businesses introduced various opportunities for their employees to adapt to the current situation.

Almost half of all UK employees (43%) have the opportunity to work from home, a third (31%) also said they have been offered flexible working hours to

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