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Creative Fradley pupils have put their stamp on a brand new community in the town thanks to a naming competition by local leading developer Barratt Homes.

Pupils at St Stephen’s Primary School inspired the name of the new development after the leading homebuilder asked pupils for their suggestions.

After several classes submitted a whole host of entries for their chosen development name, Barratt Homes landed on Fradley Manor for its soon to launch Hay End Lane development.

Among the winning answer, pupils considered the town’s history, landmarks and famous people when choosing their entries.

The school was gifted a £40 Amazon voucher as thanks for their excellent suggestions and help naming the development.

Once lockdown restrictions have been eased and it is safe to do so, classes from the school will be able to visit the development and see what progress it’s making.

Mr Mike Dowd, Head Teacher at St Stephen’s Primary School, said: “We would like to congratulate all of the pupils that took part in the competition to help name the nearby housing development Fradley Manor.

“We would also like to thank Barratt Homes for choosing our school to host the competition and involving our pupils in the naming of the development.”

Tanya Silk, Sales Director at Barratt Homes West Midlands, said: “When naming our new development in Fradley, we wanted to turn to the community for their input, so we enlisted pupils at St Stephen’s Primary School to take part in our competition.

“We’re now delighted to say that we’ll be calling the development Fradley Manor, thanks to all of the fantastic suggestions.

“At Barratt Homes, we pride ourselves on building not only quality homes, but also building communities and that is why we like to involve existing members of the community throughout the homebuilding process.”

The winning name, which impressed the five star housebuilder, will now be used on all of the development’s signs and promotional material.

Located on Hay End Lane, Fradley Manor will soon launch a collection of two, three and four bedroom homes for residents to settle down in the close-knit village of Fradley.

For more information on the coming soon site please contact or call the sales team on 0333 355 8475.

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