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RammSanderson forms new company to launch training services platform

Derbyshire based Ecology, Arboriculture and Flood Risk Consultants RammSanderson, has launched a new company in order to provide training services to developers, land owners and house builders to help them understand planning legislation related to protected species and habitats.

RammSanderson Training Ltd was created to provide a unique learning opportunity for those with an interest in Ecology or for those who deal with ecologists and ecological matters on a daily basis.

The training will initially take place on-line on an e-commerce platform which currently offers six e-learning courses covering a range of ecological issues. These include awareness courses for bats, great crested newt, reptiles and badgers. Further courses which will lead to a construction ecology awareness passport will also follow soon.

To cater for all learning needs, modules have been created to enable people to study at Foundation, Intermediate and Advance levels. Each module will be available online to help those working from home. In-houses courses for groups can also be arranged as required and in line with current restrictions.

Commenting on the launch of the new company, RammSanderson Director, Nick Sanderson said “The idea to offer training solutions was conceived following an approach by a roofing contractor who needed a basic understanding of how-to identity and manage works when it is identified that roosting bats and nesting birds might be occupying roof spaces. From there we developed a series of ecology related training courses that would be beneficial to all types of professionals associated with the construction industry. Once we have successfully launched these courses, we will add further modules to enhance learning and development.”

Fellow director, Oliver Ramm added “Our plan to offer training courses was pushed back slightly due to the demands placed on us during the early days of the pandemic. When we realised working from home would be a longer term arrangement, this spurred us on to get these courses completed. I am pleased they are now live because they will enhance the knowledge and awareness of bio-diversity issues that need to be considered when planning construction works and create another revenue stream for our business.”

RammSanderson was founded in 2014 by Directors Oliver Ramm, Nick Sanderson and Anthony Mellor. Since then, the company has progressively moved towards working on larger scale projects, and diversified its client portfolio across infrastructure, utilities, commercial and residential sectors, growing a larger team capable of taking on significant projects in its own right including being successful on major utilities frameworks.

The company employs 45 people across offices located in Ilkeston, Stafford and Sheffield.