Derby events company successfully diversifies into online training provider

Like many businesses, Derby based specialist events company Practice Enterprise had to close the doors on the business last year as a face-to-face event provider to the legal, accountancy and dentistry professions due to Covid-19 and the lockdown restrictions.  As a result, the company adapted by utilising a digital approach to that which has enabled it to continue to deliver events, publications and content-based training to these sectors online.

Formed in 2005, Practice Enterprise had grown to become one of the leaders in delivering a busy schedule of face-to-face conferences and training events. Taking place at both a regional and national scale, these events were held at venues throughout the UK and attracted thousands of visitors each year. Pre- Covid19, the company did provide distance-based learning but this played a minor part of the company’s product offering.

As with many businesses, the pandemic announcement in March 2020 meant that the company had to cease delivering events for the foreseeable future which created much uncertainty. The move to remote working provided additional challenges but the decision was made to develop a full programme of online events transitioning into a fully digital company. With the autumn 2020 event programme a success, the company are due to go live with spring 2021 events at the end of March.

Adrian Dion, managing director, Practice Enterprise explains “Physically closing the doors on our event business and then reopening them virtually has to be one of the toughest business decisions that we’ve ever made. The capability was already in place in its infancy, but to extend this apace to create a full online event and CPD training programme using this platform was a real challenge for the team. Our new business model is proving very successful and we have developed a learning platform throughout the year.”

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