Tony Lucas

Four key appointments drives growing insuretech forward

CET, an insuretech that provides claims management solutions, has strengthened its management team with the appointment of four key personnel to drive the business forward after an explosion in growth in 2020.

In the last two months, Tony Lucas has joined CET as customer service project manager, Phil Kemp has come on board as head of operational support, Saeeda Khanim has been appointed head of complaints (customer relations) and governance, while Phil Martin becomes the firm’s resource planning manager.

CET is an outsourced technology-led company that currently looks after policies for around one in four properties in the UK. After a year of successful growth, both in the company’s turnover and headcount, CET is strengthening its management team to take the business forward.

Tony Lucas joins CET from East Midlands International Airport, where he was head of operational planning and resourcing. As customer service project manager at CET, people will be at the top of his list, with a focus on training, developing and succession planning to give all employees an opportunity to have their voice heard. Mr Lucas will also keep a keen eye on health and safety in the workplace, prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of employees and contractors.  He will also lead the drive to perfect customer experience by enhancing CET practices, and also deliver better forecasting and planning to ensure CET has the right staff available at the right times to service customers’ needs efficiently.

Phil Kemp has come on board as head of operational support from Centrica, where he was head of operations. He will be responsible for managing the CET team, who provide the key link between customers and contractors.  Having worked for some of the major names in national utilities, Mr Kemp is looking forward to making the decisions needed to advance the two-way conversations between CET’s call takers and those in the field. He also plays a key role in ensuring the right contractors are in the right place across the country, being the bridge between the office and national contractor network.

Saeeda Khanim joins CET as head of complaints (customer relations) and governance, after being head of operations at Ingeus, a global advisory group that supports governments and employers in managing societal growth. Mrs Khanim will be responsible for overseeing the development and management of the firm’s internal governance policies and procedures that will support CET’s plans for growth and expansion.  Central to her role will be a focus on making sure CET customers are dealt with efficiently and fairly when issues arise.

Finally, Phil Martin joins CET as resource planning manager – a gatekeeper of costs for the business. Joining from East Midlands International Airport, where he was customer services resource manager, he will take on the responsibility for overseeing CET’s distribution of resources to make sure the company can meet demand on time every time whatever the level of calls.  Key to the success of his role will be the ability to forecast the impact of different conditions, most notably the weather, on the business based on what it has learned from historical data.

Chris McLain, Chief Executive Officer of CET, said: “This is a key time for CET and we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome these new faces to our team, they each bring with them years of experience and expertise.

“As we are now a business that is fully working from home, we have the ability to recruit from across the country, meaning we can attract the brightest and the best. Having those at the top of their game in the right positions, supported by the most advanced technology, is how we are cementing our reputation as the UK’s leading claims solutions platform.”