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For Merseyside house hunters, making a house a home is truly one of the most exciting things about moving to a new property and it’s important to put your stamp on your home to get yourself properly settled in.

Leading housebuilder Barratt Homes is helping new homeowners settle into their new homes with a guide on how to make it their own at its Pinewood Park development in Formby.

So whether it’s a minimalistic and modern look you’re hoping to achieve, or you’re thinking of covering your walls with pictures of your smiling children, this guide has everything you need to know.

Michaela Lancaster, Sales Director at Barratt Homes Manchester, said: “Whether you’re buying your first home or a property to last you a lifetime, it’s extremely important that you make it your own and turn it into somewhere you can settle down and feel comfortable.

“The advantage of a new home is that you have a blank canvas to work with and you can easily personalise everything to your own taste, so we’ve come up with our top tips for making your house more homely.”

With a three bedroom Norbury style home currently available to reserve, keen house hunters can also have a go at making the property their own from the comfort of their existing property with its interactive tool:

  1. Choose the home with a layout that suits you

The layout of a home can be a big aspect for people when it comes to choosing their property and Barratt Homes expertly crafts its houses to have large, open plan kitchens and dining areas to suit homeowners with a variety of lifestyles. The Norbury is no exception and benefits a host of different residents.

The stylish layout is a great way to bring a family together in your new home and the kitchen area gives you a fantastic way to socialise with your friends and family whilst cooking dinner. The bedrooms are made to be spacious and accommodate growing families, so there’s plenty of room for the whole family to make the house their own. Make sure you let each member of the household express themselves in their own space to ensure they have an area of their own to love.

2. Make new memories in your new home

One of the most important things about moving into a new home is creating new memories when you move in. You can easily do this in your new Norbury home as the spacious interiors and gardens offer expansive room for families to grow and play.

It’s also equally important to bring your old memories with you, as they are the best reminder of your past, so why not hang your favourite pictures on the wall or place them so they’re leading up the staircase? This is a great way to remind you of happy times whilst making more memories in your new home.

3. Personalise your home

Barratt Homes offers its bespoke Choices range, which means you can personalise certain things in your home before it’s even built. This is the perfect way to ensure everything is tailored to your style and taste, and add personal touches to make your house feel more like a home from the minute you walk in.

A selection of items that can be personalised in the range include flooring, fitted bedrooms and kitchen finishes, making your home just that extra bit special.

Located on Liverpool Road, Pinewood Park is bringing a flourishing new community to Formby. Nestled into the borough of Sefton, the development is just a short drive from the wild and beautiful coastline of Formby beach and offers a range of different properties to suit a variety of house hunters.

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