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A.W. Lymn Provide Financial Lifeline for Local Communities

Nottinghamshire’s largest independent funeral directors, A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service, is offering financial support packages and advice for those who are struggling to afford funeral costs.

Since the start of the pandemic many families have suffered the unexpected loss of loved ones and due to the economic effects of the pandemic, have been left struggling to cover the cost of the funeral. With predictions it will take 18 months for the UK economy to return to its pre-pandemic size, many are seeking financial support to ensure they can still provide a dignified send-off.

The fifth-generation family run business has been helping the bereaved for more than 100 years, with quality of service and value for money at the heart of its ethos. A.W. Lymn now operates 27 funeral homes throughout Nottinghamshire and South Derbyshire.

The directors pride themselves on their personal service, offering support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, alongside an array of unique services to help with financial needs, including loans, vouchers and even help with DWP claims.

Nigel Lymn Rose, Company Chairman at A.W. Lymn, said: “When you have suffered a bereavement, dealing with money matters is the last thing you want to be doing. Unfortunately, it’s something that must be addressed, which is why we offer the support we do. Our unique loans system offers a lifeline for those who are faced with an unexpected funeral bill. It takes the stress away and you can see the relief on peoples’ faces when they know everything is being taken care of.”

A.W. Lymn offer a range of funeral services for all budgets starting with fully attended funerals from £1,650.00 and for those that require unattended Direct Cremations the prices are considerably less. As part of their financial support offering, clients can purchase vouchers which can be used as a contribution towards the cost of services provided by any division of the A.W. Lymn group.

“Our varied financial offerings provide the flexibility and peace of mind for those at any stage of a funeral arrangement, whether that be those looking to put plans into place in advance or those who are faced with an unexpected passing. We have thought of every possibility and devised a payment plan accordingly. Each home also has a close relationship with a local firm of solicitors, so we are able to assist with any procedures if needed.

“At the end of the day, we are a family business looking after our local communities. We know people want a personal service, a friendly face to recognise in the streets, all while knowing the financial situation is all dealt with, and that’s the exact service we continue to offer.”