Reasons why it might be time to upgrade your office space

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Revamping your office space can be costly, so it makes sense to leave a complete refurbishment or a move until the time is right.

Knowing exactly when to take the plunge can be difficult, but there will be warning signs that your environment is just not adequate anymore. Maybe the location is wrong, or a lack of desks affects productivity, or the decor is looking tired.

These are all excellent reasons to press on with your planned changes, but even so, many of us hold back because there is so much to think about before and after an office move. However, try to remember that revitalising your working environment is a worthwhile investment if your business is going to prosper for years to come.

Booking a meeting space is difficult

Meetings are often a daily occurrence and most can’t take place on the shop floor or an open office area. From managers and team leads discussing the company’s operations to interviews and pitching to clients, a private, quiet space is essential. Dedicated meeting spaces are often large and airy, giving potential clients and existing partners an excellent impression of your company.

The average working day is rarely predictable; visitors may

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