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Stafford business set to become UK’s first carbon negative nursery group

Stafford business set to become UK’s first carbon negative nursery group

An innovative local nursery group is aiming to be the most environmentally friendly in the country.

Buddle Nurseries, which currently runs a nursery in Stafford and one in Glossop, and plans to open new branches across the midlands and North West, has pledged to plant two mangrove trees per month for every child registered in one of its nurseries.

Working with More Trees, Buddle estimates that the regular tree-planting neutralises the average carbon footprint of a child in the UK.

Buddle staff will also have trees planted on their behalf to neutralise their carbon footprint. In addition to the trees for each child and staff member, the company plans to plant more trees so that it can go beyond carbon neutral to carbon negative.

The childcare provider is also introducing a host of other energy-saving measures to ensure its green credentials. The plan includes a completely paperless online registration process, using e-signings for contracts, and using carbon neutral energy plans, even if they cost more than other options.

Commenting on the measures, a spokesperson from Buddle said: “We’re very proud and really excited about this initiative. It’s clear that everyone needs to work hard to reduce their carbon footprint and limit the impact of harmful emissions, so we want to lead from the front. Younger generations are the most engaged in the fight against climate change, and we’re keen for Buddle to set an example for the very youngest members of our society.”

Buddle Nurseries focuses on the best way of developing the children in its care by promoting learning through a diverse range of fun activities. The Ofsted registered nurseries offer a rich and stimulating environment in which children are safe, happy and cared for. Parents can keep track of their child’s progression using the latest technology, from their mobile phone or computer.