How to boost your Instagram profile

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In this guide we will consider how to boost your profile on Instagram.

Getting on the Instagram Explore page

Getting on Instagram’s Explore page – which suggests content to users based on their activity on the app – is a great way to foster engagement. The Instagram Explore page is the place every Instagram account tries to reach and is the aspiration of many influencers, brands and businesses. It enables you to get more exposure and sales without spending money.

The Explore page can be used to reach a targeted audience, because of its tailored nature, increase brand awareness and gain followers, with any views you receive from Explore likely to be from a user with an interest in what you post about.

With features like ‘Instagram Insight’ you can analyse the content that has had a tendency to resonate on the Explore page.

Start using hashtags

A perfect way to draw people’s attention who do not follow you is by using hashtags. You can create your own or use other hashtags on your posts. When people look for posts with these hashtags, they will discover your posts.

In this way they will reach your business account and check out what

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