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Eneco partners with ENSEK to create a data revolution for its customers

Eneco’s new IT platform becomes its engine for driving energy transition, ensuring that customers can realise the full benefits of a modern energy system

Nottingham, UK 20 April 2021 – Eneco Belgium, the third largest energy retailer in Belgium, is announcing that it’s working with ENSEK, the leading global retail energy SaaS provider, to implement its cloud-based software, allowing it to provide new services to its customers and accelerate its journey to energy transition.

With the introduction of digital meters, a new market communication platform (MIG6), and the rise of consumers who produce energy themselves, data is key to the future energy model. As such a revolution demands bold action, Eneco is future proofing itself with a new SaaS platform developed by ENSEK. It will collect and analyse Eneco’s customer data in real-time to offer in-depth insights into their needs, using smart algorithms to tailor product and service offerings. The platform can also help manage Eneco’s grid demand by providing real-time consumption mapping, which in turn can reduce its consumer’s bills.

“Data is an enabler for innovation. We analyse how much energy a customer uses, and we predict how much they will need in the future. With these insights we can offer a new range of services tailored to the modern consumer who is in charge of their energy consumption and production,” commented Jean-Jacques Delmée, CEO of Eneco Belgium. “Thanks to this efficient and high-tech platform, we can fully assume our role as leaders in the energy market, ensuring that energy flows to and from our customers to create a win-win situation”.

The high-performing platform ensures that complex processes can be handled easier and in a way that guarantees better services to customers. Eneco now has the ability to serve customers end-to-end through one platform – including providing quotes, signing up new customers, billing, and collection of payment. This will ensure a frictionless customer journey, where consumers are always offered the right information and services in the first instance, improving customer satisfaction. In addition, as data is used to manage customers more efficiently Eneco will gain an enormous competitive advantage while benefiting the end-user.

ENSEK’s platform also offers continuous support with meeting the compliance and regulatory needs of the Belgian energy market. For Eneco, this means that it can concentrate on offering added value and services for its customers.

“We are live with the platform with a limited number of customers before we scale up to support the Eneco customer portfolio,” added Jon Slade, CEO of ENSEK. "This is a great opportunity to support the digital transformation journey for a leading supplier in Belgium, enabling Eneco to unlock the benefits of a cloud native SaaS platform. This is an exciting collaboration for the business, as we expand our footprint internationally.”