Partnership to launch Northamptonshire’s first vertical farm

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Syan Farms, a newly established vertical farming company in Northamptonshire, has partnered with controlled-environment-agriculture (CEA) specialist, Vertical Future, to launch a vertical farm in the Midlands.

Launching with Vertical Future’s proprietary production systems, Syan Farms will also be brought on board as a research partner as part of Vertical Future’s wider research activities, focused on seed breeding, genetics, and robotics.

Syan Farms – a mainly family-run business based in Horton, Northamptonshire – was recently established to contribute towards the building of a better, more sustainable food system, tackling food security and other key issues.

Able to grow fresh produce without the need for herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, and without use of soil, the Syan Farms team are able to provide ‘beyond-organic’ solutions with dramatically reduced emissions and water usage.

The use of vertical farming also frees up land for local ecosystems to rebound from agricultural damage.

Vertical Future’s production systems will be housed in a new development in Horton, Northamptonshire, integrated with solar energy and rainwater harvesting in order to provide the most efficient model possible.

This is Northamptonshire’s first vertical farm, aimed to serve restaurants, distributors, and homes with the freshest produce around.

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