You can get paid to pick elderflowers for Leicestershire drinks business Belvoir Farm

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Leicestershire family business Belvoir Farm is calling on people from across the county to lend a hand during the elderflower harvest season.

According to the Bottesford-based drinks company, this annual event, with a crucial six-week blooming season between May and June, continues to grow in size and popularity each year.

Pickers who take part in the harvest will be paid by the kilo for their efforts, so you can earn some cash, enjoy walking in the fresh air and reconnect with nature all at the same time.

Picking takes place from Belvoir’s own 60 acres of organic plantations and from the wild surrounding hedgerows found across Leicestershire plus the company’s three bordering counties.

According to Belvoir Farm, pickers can be sure that the business, with its own sustainable

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