Emotional marketing – what to know

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Using emotional tethers and pulls to appeal to people isn’t a particularly new concept. It has been done throughout the ages as a way of strengthening arguments and persuading audiences to see things a certain way.

Emotional marketing makes use of messaging which deliberately targets specific human emotions through various triggers. These can target one or several different emotions in an effort to get an audience to perform a specific action aligning with a call to action (CTA).

What are the main emotions targeted by emotional marketing?

There are a number of different emotions which might be leveraged within emotional marketing to elicit a response from an audience. Four core emotional areas are usually targeted:

Happiness – brands often want to be associated with a positive sentiment, putting smiles on faces, and generally making people happy. Especially during a time where negative headlines might dominate the press, having positive branded content can remind people of the good that’s out there. Sadness – on the flipside to positive content, tugging on your audience’s heartstrings with emotional content that focuses on negative feelings. This can be useful when your brand is promoting a solution to the sadness positioned within your

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