Loughborough named in the top 10 most fun place to be a student!

Luxury student accommodation providers, Study Inn, have recently released their new campaign - "the most fun cities to be a student!" and Loughborough University came out in the top 10, scoring an impressive 3.4 out of 5! 

Study Inn took the top 20 universities from the Guardian's league table and rated 5 categories that matter most out of 5 to find the average score for each university. Categories include the number of pubs and restaurants, the average pint price, how many societies the University has and the Student Crowd student scores.

With the offering of over 100 societies and sports teams and a fruitful amount of pubs and restaurants nearby, it's no wonder the university was placed in the top 10. Some societies and sports teams students can join include Yoga, Belly Dancing, the DJ Society, the East African Society, Irish Dance and Pole Fitness!

As well as ranking 6th overall, Loughborough came out on top for student satisfaction, scoring an impressive 4.63 out of 5, according to Student Crowd; came within the top 3 for the number of restaurants nearby and with the average of £3 for a pint, Loughborough took 4th place for that category! 

Loughborough is a location where Study Inn has accommodation and is a fantastic university for students! Check it out here: