What is the future of commuting to work?

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Much about regular life has been cast into doubt in recent times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even the mundane parts of daily routines have been subject to change.

The commute to work is no exception. Of course, the future of it was being debated and discussed even before COVID-19 arrived. A divisive subject at the best of times, people have always grappled with the prospect of commuting in their own fashion. For some it’s a bore, for others it could be a time for self-improvement or reflection.

Still, all these varying opinions may now be coming to a long-sought conclusion. Here’s what could be in store for the future of commuting to work.

Driving Leased Vehicles

The commute to work can be tedious, especially if you’re at the wheel of a vehicle that’s frankly uninspiring.

However, the business car lease deals from Pink Car Leasing can help business bosses ensure all their workers drive the best quality cars and vans available, and they won’t have to tackle any admin or processing fees in doing so either. The monthly costs for business leases can be cheaper than a personal lease, plus they have a wide range of makes and models

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