The staff room on the Cardiac Paediatric Intensive Care Unit has now been named ‘The Mulberry Homes Room’-415c753a


Midlands-based developer Mulberry has donated to the Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal to support Phase One of a dedicated children’s hospital in Leicester.

The £7.5m Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal was set up in response to the East Midlands being the only region in England without a dedicated, single-site children’s hospital. Currently, Leicester’s Hospitals offer one of the largest children’s acute services in the country, however these are spread across two hospital sites and mixed in with adult services. Patients, families, carers and medical staff often have to move between hospitals, resulting in extremely stressful experiences and an inefficient service, such as leading to delayed diagnosis and treatment.

The Appeal is working towards transforming the services currently provided to children by creating a state-of-the-art, dedicated children’s hospital. Once complete, all children’s services will be moved into the Leicester Royal Infirmary’s Kensington Building, allowing patients and families to receive high quality and specialist care, with less stress and no travelling between sites.

Phase One of the project is to relocate the world-renowned East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre (EMCHC) from Glenfield Hospital into the Kensington Building, allowing the centre to make its expert care even more effective and providing them with additional space to treat children. It will also provide clinical staff with a modern environment designed specifically for the needs of children.

In recognition of the developer’s donation, the staff room on the Cardiac Paediatric Intensive Care Unit has now been named ‘The Mulberry Homes Room’.

Interior of 'The Mulberry Homes Room'

Lisa Davies, Director of Leicester Hospitals Charity, said: “We are deeply thankful to Mulberry for such a generous contribution to our Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal. We are so close to reaching our target to help establish our region’s first ever dedicated children’s hospital, and this donation from Mulberry will go a long way to helping us get there and give all of our children the hospital they deserve."

Andrew Granger, a member of the Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal Board, said: “We are extremely grateful to Mulberry for their generous support of this Appeal to create a dedicated children’s hospital in Leicester that will transform the lives of children in the East Midlands for many years to come.”

Robert Wilkinson, Director of Mulberry, said: “At Mulberry, we are committed to supporting and forging lasting partnerships with the communities amongst which we operate, and we’re very proud to have made a donation to the Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal in support of their incredible project.

“Building a designated children’s hospital will be a huge benefit to countless vulnerable children, their families and medical staff across the East Midlands. We’re thrilled to be a part of this project, especially during this difficult time where the vital work hospitals do is more appreciated than ever.”

The donation comes as part of the developer’s ongoing campaign which marks the Mulberry Homes division of the business’ 10-year anniversary. Throughout 2021, Mulberry has committed to donating to charities and organisations local to its developments.

The appeal is run by the Leicester Hospitals Charity, which exists to support patients, their carers and the NHS staff who look after them in Leicestershire and Rutland and beyond. For more information, visit

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