Pandemic prompts wellbeing wins for workplace diversity & mental health

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Changes to working practices have seen a record number of employees report good mental health at work this year, as a significant proportion of the nation’s workforce exceed more than a year of home working brought about by the global pandemic, research from Bupa UK shows.

Surveying over 4,000 UK employees across a range of industries, Bupa UK’s ‘Workplace Wellbeing Census’ shows employees have reported a number of wellbeing gains over the last year; changes to the commute, home working and availability of flexible working are the most likely to have positively impacted on employee wellbeing.

The increase in working from home has been particularly beneficial to working parents, where the vast majority (78%) report that it has given them more flexibility, which has been particularly important given the added responsibilities of childcare and home-schooling for much of the last 12 months.

Women have also responded well to new ways of working, a third (33%) of women report that home working has been positive for their wellbeing, while 22 per cent have enjoyed flexible working, compared to just 16 per cent of men.

The pandemic has tackled accessibility issues for employees with disabilities too. 68 per cent of those with

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