East Midlands outperforms UK with steady year for Foreign Direct Investment

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The East Midlands recorded a resilient year for inbound Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2020, outperforming the overall UK and European outcomes and delivering a strong performance against the backdrop of the global pandemic, according to the EY 2021 UK Attractiveness Survey which launched today.

The region registered 38 overseas-backed projects in 2020, a decline of just one – 3% – from the 39 in 2019. By contrast, there was a 12% decline in UK projects and a 13% decline in the overall European market. This helped increase the region’s share of the UK FDI market from 3.5% to 3.9% – its highest share in the last decade.

The East Midlands’ positive performance was driven by gains in the transport and logistics sector, where the number of FDI projects more than doubled from six projects in 2019 to 15 projects in 2020.

Other key sectors for the East Midlands were agri-food with five projects (down from seven in 2019) and machinery & equipment with five (up from four). The UK’s leading sector, digital technology, accounted for just one project in the region.

Projects in the East Midlands were most likely to involve logistics activities (15 projects, up from nine), followed

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