SEO for small businesses: how to make your budget go further

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Small businesses will face many challenges over the coming months, as the entire world’s economy recovers from the recent pandemic and the many issues that it caused.

One lesson that we’ve all learned from this global crisis is that digital marketing and SEO are crucial to any company’s survival.

It’s tough to estimate the average cost of SEO, as it depends on a variety of factors. How many tasks you can bring in-house and the providers that you use for outsourced SEO practices can have an effect on the cost of your strategy.

For small businesses, keeping these costs down is paramount, particularly in these trying times. However, getting a service cheaply doesn’t always mean that you’ll get quality support that will benefit your business, so you need to be savvy when you’re cutting your firm’s SEO costs.

To help, here’s a practical guide to making your small business’s SEO budget stretch further and still achieve your firm’s goals.

Make A Plan Before You Start

There are many aspects of SEO. From blog content writing through to link building, optimising your landing page content to adjusting technical aspects of your website; the practice of optimising your site for search has

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